Friday, October 5, 2012

It is Apache Attack Helicopter for Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force today said, it is procuring 22 Apache Attack Helicopters from the US, which will give it the capability to strike down enemy choppers and UAVs. 

"Yes, Apache is final now," IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne said here when asked if the IAF was procuring the American choppers in a 1.4 billion dollar deal. "We are going to contract for Apache and these will be paid for by the IAF, flown by the IAF and maintained by the IAF," Browne said.

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Apache edged out Russian Mi-28 attack helicopter in the race for the IAF contract.

Fitted with air-to-air missiles, an Apache helicopter has the capability to take on enemy choppers and UAV, providing support to ground troops. Capable of detecting 256 moving targets and engaging them, the twin-engine Apache is operated by two pilots.

With its array of modern electronics, Apache is considered to be one of the most advanced combat helicopters. It has successfully carried out missions during the 1991 Gulf War between the US and Iraq and then in Afghanistan.

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