Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Indian Air Force - Jaguar never gets old !!!

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has decided to make its Jaguars fighting fit for modern warfare and increase their service life. The Jaguars are being fitted with autopilots, next generation avionics and lethal armaments under an ambitious modernisation programme that will see the fighters flying well after 2030.


IAF's Jaguar on a sortie ( Image Courtesy - )

Nearly 120 Jaguars are being modernised. So far, the IAF has procured autopilots for 55 Jaguars and talks for 95 more, which includes spare autopilots. Autopilots would lessen pilot workload, freeing them from physically flying the jet during long flights, though, in an ultimate test of IAF top guns, six Jaguars flew all the way to Alaska for a joint exercise with the US Air Force in 2004.

The government is also reviving a plan to re-engine the aircraft with a more powerful powerplant. The IAF feels the Jaguars, powered by Rolls Royce Adour-811 turbofan engines, are underpowered, and a more powerful engine for the fighters is also on the cards.

The Jaguar's cockpit will be completely transformed as well. It is going to turn all glass. There will be digital MFDs (multifunction displays) replacing the traditional analog gauges and dials, and pilots will have fly-by-wire controls.

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