Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kirov Class Battle Cruiser - Admiral Nakhimov returns !!!

Pyotr Veliky, lone active Battle Cruiser from Kirov Class might soon be re-joined by her other three sister ships. Admiral Nakhimov and other Battle Cruisers of Project 1144, withdrawn from the combat-ready forces of the fleet in the 90s, have been marked to return to active service, by Russian Navy. Admiral Nakhimov will be the first ship of Project 1144 to undergo modernization.

Admiral Nakhimov’s shipborne systems may be returned to the ranks rather quickly, within two-three years, as they have not been fully exhausted. According to preliminary estimates, 5 billion Roubles should be enough to restore the ship’s combat capability to its “original” form and improve its on-board radio-electronic equipment. At the same time, the basis of the Heavy Cruiser’s firepower – the Granit missile complex and ะก-300F surface-to-air missile system - will most likely remain intact.

Admiral Nakhimov ruling the waves ( Image Courtesy - )

The Project 1144 Battle Cruisers upgraded with new shooting complexes and electronic equipment will acquire a totally new attribute as their dimensions allow these ships to be equipped with a large number of weapons, turning them into truly multi-functional vessels possessing powerful and diverse percussion armaments, air defense systems and anti-submarine defense.

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