Wednesday, August 8, 2012

INS Vishal - India started work on second Aircraft Carrier

India has started work on the second Aircraft Carrier to be called as Vishal (name doing the rounds on web). Defence sources have confirmed that the project has now moved to the design stage, which is being undertaken by the Navy’s Naval Design Bureau. As per preliminary blue-print, it would have displacement of massive 65,000 tons i.e. 25,000 tons heavier than the first Aircraft Carrier, INS Vikrant II.

INS Vishal, an artist representation ( Image Courtesy - )

Vishal will be operating bigger fighter aircraft comparable to Sukhoi 33, it would also be featuring steam catapults, and will carry airborne early-warning (AEW) aircraft. Vishal would also carry the naval versions of the Light Combat Aircraft, which is in development.

India will need at least three aircraft carriers to protect its vast coastline which touches - Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and Indian Ocean. The Vishal demands a mighty cost of about 1.5 billion USD , according to Defence Ministry sources, where as INS Vikrant II is being built at a cost of 750 million USD. Vikrant, which is delayed by two years, is now expected to be commissioned in Indian Navy by 2017.

INS Vikrant II, under construction at Cochin ( Image Courtesy - )

By 2018, Indian Navy would be able to project power with three carrier battle groups centered around - INS Viraat (to be decommissioned only after 2020, due to extensive upgrades), INS VIkramaditya (to be commissioned by Dec 2012), and INS Vikrant II (expected commissioning date as year 2017). 

 INS Vikramaditya at sea trials ( Image Courtesy - )

If there are no massive delays and feet dragging on strategic decisions, then it might be INS Vishal which would replace INS Viraat in the year 2020.

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  1. indian navy requires 3 aircraft carriers with 50 aircratfs deployed & LRB Missiles ranging 1000kms
    one in reserve

  2. I'm somewhat ignorant in these areas; could someone explain for me WHY India needs carriers to protect its shores: I would think that land-based aircraft would be perfectly adequate for that task. I've always thought of carriers as a means of projecting national power at some distance away from the home country, not for defense of territorial waters.

    1. The study of the naval operations in the Bay of Bengal during 1971 war with Pakistan should make you a believer. INS Vikrant was a major force multiplier that brought Pakistan to her knees and forced the abject surrender of 92000 prisoners of war.

    2. Woah, that's cooL.
      But what about the Russian Navy that blocked the US carrier task force on route to help the Pakistanian army?

    3. Woah, that's cool.
      But, what about the Russian Navy that stopped the US Carrier Task force from aiding the Pakistani army?

    4. True, it was Russian Navy which blocked Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea to US and British Fleets. Once, these external forces were blocked, it was the INS Vikrant which took care of the enemy fleet.

    5. Ah, thanks for the reply.
      Sorry for double posting, had trouble loging in at first.
      Cheers ;-)

  3. @ Anonymous - A third of India's GDP comes from foreign trade - we need the carrier fleet to defend these lines as also our oil supplies - 80 % of the oil which runs our country has to be imported.

  4. china is making 100000 tones aircraft carrier, us has already that capacity. i think india should make a aircraft carrier like this.

    1. china have enemies on all sides,but india don't....though india must have 4 to 5 carriers to defend the boundries.china wont mess with india sice it's majority of shares in india...