Thursday, August 2, 2012

San Giorgio LPD for Indian Navy

San Giorgio Class of LPD has been a successful design from Italy. Three San Giorgio class amphibious transport dock were built by Fincantieri. These ships can lift a battalion of troops, and up to 36 armoured vehicles, and has got a displacement of approximately 8,000 tons.

Italian Navy is planning to replace the two oldest ships of this class, San Giorgio and San Marco; as it is looking to procure two large amphibious assault ships of 20,000-ton displacement.

Indian Navy is looking to augment its amphibious capability, as of now it operates just one LPD, INS Jalashwa (erstwhile USS Trenton). It would not hurt Indian Navy to acquire these Italian LPDs and use them as a stop-gap measure until its own LPD arrives. Looking at the history of delays from Indian defence shipyards, it does not seem to be a bad option, that too when construction of new LPDs is no where close to commence.

San Giorgio in action ( Image Courtesy - )

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