Thursday, October 25, 2012

Indian Army - Helicopter-Borne Early Warning Systems

The Indian Army is looking for a major capability-booster as procurement of helicopter-borne early warning systems nears finalization. These early warning systems will be integrated with Attack Helicopter Squadrons that the Army Aviation Corps will induct in the near future. Army Aviation Corps is finalizing the specifications of the early warning system which is expected to be incorporated into Dhruv Helicopters.

The helicopter-borne early warning systems will give the army commanders not only the insight into enemy zone but also provide information on approaching aircraft and other threats. With the Indian Army Aviation Corps growing rapidly, the new early warning system will be highly resourceful for its future missions.

An Indian Army Aviation Corps Dhruv Helicopter ( Image Courtesy - )

One of the prime advantages of this helicopter-borne early warning system for the Indian Army is that it is essential for close-in ground combat scenario where enemy armour and rotary wing aircraft operate. While the Indian Air Force operates early warning systems on its aircraft as well, the helicopter-borne early warning system being developed will be unique to the Indian Army.

The helicopter-borne early warning systems can provide excellent battlefield knowledge and command to Indian Army just like the AWACS provide the IAF with command and control of airspace. The new systems will become a huge force multiplier and enhance the fighting efficiency of each unit.

Recently, Indian Army Aviation Corps has got the nod from Defence Ministry to raise its own Attack Helicopter Squadrons. Till now, the Indian Army has Attack Helicopter Squadrons under its operational control (operated by Indian Air Force) but in a very near future it will be operating them as well.

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