Friday, October 5, 2012

Environment Ministry red flags Indian Navy

If by looking at the title of this post, you assumed that I will also bash this decision from the ministry, then I am sorry to disappoint you : )

Let's have a look at the news first -

Navy's proposal to set up a missile testing site in Andaman and Nicobar islands has been red-flagged by the Environment Ministry which said it would destroy the habitat of endangered bird species Nicobar Megapode. "The habitat of the megapode should not be disturbed and the missile firing range should not come up in that area," Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan said at a program organised to mark the wildlife week here.

She said it was a "very very difficult decision" for her to reject the proposal for setting up the temporary facility at the ecologically sensitive island as "it involves security and missile range is important" for the country's defence.

When asked about the Ministry's decision, Navy Chief D K Joshi told PTI: "We will re-approach the Environment Ministry and we know that they have their reservations. But the fact is we can not do without our firing range". Asked whether the Navy had any alternative site in mind, Joshi said environmental clearances will be required for that site also as it is also in the same Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

INS Mysore launching two Switchblade Cruise Missiles simultaneously ( Image Courtesy - ) 

Now, the first reaction from majority of our electronic media will begin with the bashing of this decision - citing the delay on such an important decision, turf war between Environment Ministry and Indian Navy, its impact on the defence preparedness of the county and eventually they will end their analysis as how China has made such rapid progress on their defence front.

But I really wonder why and how do not they understand - India is a democracy (where despite all evils like corruption, continued poverty, illiteracy etc.), still anyone from common man to environment ministry and Indian Navy can speak their mind, can have a difference of opinion and say the same in public, have a discussion around it. Yes it does slow down the decision-making, has an adverse impact on such major strategic decisions, but then India is no China.

In China, I believe a decision like this would be seen as to be worthy of urgent attention and most probably Chinese Government would have quickly decided in favour of Chinese Navy. Because, Chinese Government is an authoritarian regime in the veil of communism.

My only advise to that particular section of media is that they should be the last one to criticize Indian Government because if India would start behaving like China then media people would be the first one to worry about their livelihood, and may be their survival as well. On top of it I do hope they have only have one kid in their family !!!

This kind of slow decision making and tussles will go on, I do vehemently oppose such prolonged delays on strategic decisions like this. But at the same time I would rather advocate to find ways for speedy resolutions on these kind of issues, instead of giving an example of China. Because, India is no China.

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