Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Indian Navy - Third SSBN of Arihant Class - Shatrughana or Arinashak ?

INS Aridaman, India's second SSBN of Arihant Class will reportedly be ready for launch by end 2012, or the the first quarter of 2013. The boat is under outfitting now and is headed for a year-end launch.

Now the even more interesting news is that hull fabrication is on for the third SSBN of Arihant Class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines. The second SSBN Aridaman is already in advanced stage of construction. There was a rumor doing rounds on the web that the third SSBN might be named as INS Shatrughana (meaning Killer of Enemy), based on mythological character of Prince Shatrughana from Ramayan.

However, defence sources dismissed the rumor by pointing to Indian Navy's tradition, where name of all the ships of the same class begin with the same alphabet. For ex - S for Sindhughosh Class of Submarines. V for Aircraft Carriers.

Image Courtesy - Bharat Rakshak Defence Forum.

So, it can be Arinashak but definitely not Shatrughana, guess we all would need to wait for the official confirmation on the name of the third SSBN of Arihant Class.

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