Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Indian Navy inching closer to acquire SLBM for Arihant Class SSBN

Long shrouded in secrecy as a ``black project'', unlike the surface-to-surface nuclear missiles like Agni, the SLBM may now finally come out of the closet. Called different names at different developmental phases, which included ``Sagarika'' for an extended period, the SLBM in question is the ``K-15'' missile with a 750-km strike range. 

The annual awards function of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) on Tuesday will see PM Mr. Manmohan Singh
hand over the ``technology leadership award'' to a scientist, A K Chakrabarti of the Hyderabad-based DRDL lab, for the successful development of the country's first SLBM. Apart from India, this capability has been acquired only by four nations, the US, Russia, France and China. Now, the SLBM system is ready for induction,'' says the award citation.

K-15 SLBM ( Image Courtesy - indiandefence.com )

India's first indigenous nuclear-powered submarine, the 6,000-tonne INS Arihant, is still undergoing harbor-acceptance trials. The submarine will then undergo extensive sea-acceptance trials' and test-fire the 10-tonne K-15, which can carry a one-tonne nuclear payload, from the missile silos on its hump.

( News Courtesy - timesofindia.indiatimes.com )

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