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Rafale Deal for Indian Air Force - A Wise Decision by a Wise Man

I have been away from my own blog for a while now, close to 10 months, and the reason was a herd of Clueless Indian Politicians who were in power at the Centre. However, things have changed dramatically in last few months and now we see a Man in Power who has the wisdom, got foresight and has the capability to take crucial decisions for our country.

I am no astrologist but for now it seems India as a country is really lucky to have Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister.

Now, coming to the title of this post, I have seen all kind of reactions on the scrapping of the 126 aircraft deal where some intellectuals are asking the rationale of going with a G2G deal for 36 planes.

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For starters, how about these guys just shut the hell up just by looking at the duration of this messy acquisition process. I believe it was at the minimum 2005 when those lazy bum politicians started their stupid process for MMRCA acquisition. We are now in 2015, and we are still trapped in that spiral of negotiations. You stupid dumb people, have some shame. In 2 decades, other countries have designed, developed, manufactured and commissioned the new fighter aircraft in their air forces. In one decade, you morons could not even BUY the aircraft.

Our armed forces have been pleading to this shameless politicians to take decisions citing how our enemies are equipping their forces but these politicians of last two decades were busy to address whims and fancies of some cynical regional politicians for support to cling to power. Then whatever time they got, they were busy to loot the country, running their scams.

Indian Navy was pleading, drawing their attention to depleting submarine fleet. But these politicians made sure that our silent was weakened from 21 boats in 1980s to just 12 operations boats in 2015.

Indian Air Force has been reduced to 34 squadrons, its trainer aircraft fleet in jeopardy.

Indian Army has been pleading for artillery, helicopters and they never came.

It is such a sigh of relief to see those arrogant morons kicked out of power and replaced by a Wise Man.

Now, within two years, we should see Rafale in IAF colours, and credit should also go to our Defence Minister - Manohar Parrikar. 

If we look at the current state of the Indian Air Force, this is what we got -

224 - Sukhoi 30 MKI (~9 Squadrons)
069 - Mig 29 (~3 Squadrons)
059 - Mirage 2000 (~3 Squadrons)
245 - Mig 21 (~10 Squadrons) - Need replacement in very near future
145 - Jaguar (~6 Squadrons)
085 - Mig 27 (~3 Squadrons) - Need replacement in very near future

Which if added comes up to 34-35 Squadrons.

However, looking at the immediate need of replacement for Mig 21 and Mig 27, very soon effective strength would comes down to just 21 Squadrons (or bit more due to Sukhoi 30 MKI additions). To get to a healthy level of 45 squadrons, IAF need to add 24 squadrons maximum by 2020 i.e. 5 years from now. If that is delayed further, then we should all be ready to learn either Chinese or we should be ready to live in an Islamic Republic, because one of these scary scenario would definitely come true if IAF does not reach a level of 45 Squadrons by that time.

So, how can we get to the level of 45 Squadrons with new fighter aircraft to safeguard our Motherland -

272 - Sukhoi 30 MKI (~13 Squadrons)
069 - Mig 29 (~3 Squadrons)
059 - Mirage 2000 (~3 Squadrons)
145 - Jaguar (~6 Squadrons)
300 - Tejas (~14 Squadrons)
126 - Rafale or MMRCA (~6 Squadrons)

Which if added comes up to around 45 Squadrons by 2020-2022.

Let's hope this Dynamic Duo of Prime Minister and Defence Minister would take India to 2020 with a Strong Indian Air Force, which will have a strategic vision and sound planning to replace its old fighter aircraft with a seamless pipeline of new acquisitions and we will never have to see our Air Force struggling again to keep up its Squadron Level to mitigate the threats of 21st century.  

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