Thursday, January 3, 2013

Indian Navy : Project 75-I Submarines - Progress Update

The Indian Navy is set to "very soon" issue a RFP (Request for Proposal) for a new line of six submarines with AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) capability. Project 75-I, has now being given firm clearance by the government, according to Indian Navy chief, Admiral DK Joshi.

Asked how soon is "very soon," the naval chief told India Strategic defence magazine ( that the Defence Acquisition Committee (DAC) had already cleared a note on Acceptance of Necessity (AON), the navy had finalized the RFP and it was in its last stage of formalities for clearance in the defence ministry.

Lada Class Submarine - Russia is offering export version of Lada (Amur) for Project 75-I
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As per indications, the RFP for the submarines should be out even in January 2013, or latest by March before the financial year 2012-13 ends.

AIP increases the mission life of a submarine by around three times, depending upon the task and parameters required. The capability enables a submarine to generate air on-board without the need to surface for breathing to recharge its batteries.

The new Project 75-I submarines should be huge in value, estimated at around $10 billion-plus, depending upon the offsets and transfer of technology (ToT).

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